Born and bred in the UK, Phil’s original boyhood plan was to become an illustrator. A natural talent for capturing the world on paper and canvas had put those wheels in motion. It was a chance introduction to photography at college/art school that all those plans changed. After picking up a Photography degree Phil started his career with the London based photographer Ray Massey, learning the ropes and assisting before moving to Cheltenham to start his own studio and go it alone.

The atmospheric nature of Phil James’ work stems from the desire to ‘build’ images and experiment with what is infront of the lens. A visual ‘magpie’ thats collects elements together to compose a new whole. Having spent two decades working within advertising photography the studio has grown into a creative production company called Shadowplay that has further fuelled Phil’s love of the manipulated image.

His award winning work has an epic, cinematic touch, full of graphic detail and hidden meaning. All of which is woven throughout his personal and commercial work. 

He has 2 sons, a lovely understanding wife and a dachshund called Brooke to keep him busy outside of the studio.

Clients include: McLaren, Carlsberg, Peugeot, Shell, Tommee Tippee, Sennhesier, Volvic, Kenwood, Pukka Tea, Brains Beer, and Dyson.