This car image was created as a piece of internal R&D – it showcases an area of work that we have been keen to expand upon for a while now. The combination of photography, computer generated imagery and retouching is something we specialise in and we have been working hard at honing the workflow that goes into creating imagery for CGI car adverts. It was a great piece to utilise a number of creative fields available at Shadowplay. To start we traveled out to the Elan valley to capture this beautiful scene and capture all of the relevant data for the CG artists. Once the model of the car has been made – the CG artist looks to add in all of the reflections and lighting from the scene by mapping the unique 360 HDRI which is captured at the scene to the model. Once all this is in place, the backplate and the CGI render of the car is handed over to the retoucher to bed it all in and complete the composite and final grade.